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Central Arizona Birding Info

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  • [MCP1] Lake Pleasant Regional Park. Central Arizona Project reservoir, administered by Maricopa County Parks and the Bureau of Reclamation.
  • [MZ1] Phoenix Zoo. Excellent site for ducks in winter (with a duck count sponsored by MAS). Other wild birds, and good exhibits on the Southwest.
  • [MZ2] Desert Botanical Garden. Bird walks every Monday, 7 a.m. May-Sept., 8 a.m. Oct.-Apr. Near the Phoenix Zoo.
  • [NC3] Hassayampa River Preserve. [TNC] The Nature Conservancy's first preserve in Maricopa County; excellent riparian habitat.
  • [PHX1] Pima Canyon. MAS guide to canyon on east end of Phoenix's South Mountain Park. (1998)
  • [AZCITY] Arizona City. MAS guide to lake & sod farm between Phoenix and Tucson. (1998)
  • [GSP] Gilbert Ponds. [Gilbert] Gilbert Wildlife Habitat and recharge ponds; good for ducks, shorebirds.
  • [PICACHO] Picacho Reservoir. MAS guide to reservoir between Phoenix and Tucson. (1997)
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