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California Condor photographed by  Jim Burns at the South Rim, Grand Canyon, AZ 7/01 with Canyon EOS A2 body, Canon 100-400 zoom lens, and Fujichrome ProVia 100F film



Meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month, September-April, at the Phoenix Zoo Auditorium.  Meetings start at 7:30, and feature a speaker, book sales, refreshments, and a chance to socialize with fellow MAS members.  Non-members welcome!

Join us for a pre-meeting dinner at Pete's 19th Tee, 1405 N Mill Avenue, Tempe (at the Rolling Hills Golf Course) starting at 6:00 p.m.  Note:  For our first meeting of the year on September 4th, there will be no pre-meeting dinner at Pete's.  It is our annual potluck.  Each attendee is invited to bring a platter of his or her favorite h'ors de oeuvres, sufficiently large enough to serve at least six people.   We'll provide the eating utensils, the plates, and the drinks (non-alcoholic, of course).  Bring a friend.  Festivities will start at 6:30p.m., when we'll be able to tell one another where we had an opportunity to do birding this past summer, and what lifers we got.  The regular meeting will get underway at 7:30 p.m.

September 4:  Scott Anderson   of the Gilbert Riparian Institute speaking about the Gilbert Riparian Institute and The Preserves at Neely Ranch and Water Ranch.

October 2:  Kenn Kaufman     topic: TBA

November 6. Bob Stewart on the butterflies of Arizona.

December 4: Roseann Hanson from the Sky Island Alliance.

January  8:  Doug Alexander    topic: TBA

February 5: Gunnar Engblom, a biologist and scientific coordinator for a Peruvian NGO called Ecosistemas Andinos
(ECOAN).  His passion is bird conservation and is trying to raise funds for the conservation of Andean forests, especially Polylepis forests near Cusco.

March 5: Dr. David L. Pearson, professor of biology at ASU.  His topic will be Why are there more bird species some places than others?

April 2:  TBA

May 7:  TBA

Speakers wanted:  If you have ideas for speakers, or if you would like to make a presentation yourself, please contact Laurie Nessel, Program Chair, at (480) 968-5614 or
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  By Deva Burns


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Bequests are an important source of support for the Maricopa Audubon Society.  Your chapter has dedicated itself to the protection of natural world through public education and advocacy for the wiser use and preservation of our land, water, air and other irreplaceable natural resources.

You can invest in the future of our natural world by making a bequest in your will to the Maricopa Audubon Society .  Talk to your attorney for more information on how this can be accomplished.

The primary focus of this issue of the Wren•dition is money, or rather the lack thereof.  The Board has taken one step--reducing the number of issues of the Wren•dition produced each year.  However, we need your help.  Donations are always welcomed in any non-profit organization and we need your donations now more than ever.  In this issue Herb Fibel and Scott Burge have explained the reason why the issue has become so critical.

I would like to make another suggestion--bequests.  Bequests are a great way to pass on your concern for birds and other wildlife.  Additionally, your bequest may offer significant estate tax savings because gifts to non-profit groups are fully deductible from your gross estate.  There are several types of gifts that you can give:

1.      specific, residuary and contingent bequests

2.      gifts of IRA accounts, Keogh plans, 401(k) plans, 403(b) plans, and other qualified pension plans

3.      bequests of real estate

4.      named endowments and features

I am not a tax expert so please verify your situation with your accountant or tax attorney.*

And, for those of you who thought Audubon was about the birds, Jim Burns writes about an environmental success story witnessed on our visit to the Grand Canyon in July.  Our August visit with our 6 year old grandson may have been even "grander."  His "Oh wow" when a condor flew over at about 25 feet will be a lifetime memory.  By the end of the trip he could, without binoculars, look up and separate raven from vulture from condor.  Maybe, just maybe, we have hooked another birder.  Scott and Lee Burge write about all the wonderful birds they saw on the Chiricahua Field Trip.  And Alison McGowan poetically celebrates the killdeer.

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The ABA Regional Conference will be held in Santa Maria, CA on September 10-14, 2001.  Midway between Morro Bay and Santa Barbara, near the central California coast, Santa Maria offers easy access to habitats including coastal bays and estuaries, rocky shoreline, chaparral scrub, semi-desert, and several types of woodland.  For information call 800/850-2473, ext., 233.

Hassayampa Preserve will follow a summer schedule that began May 15 and will continue until September 15.  They will only be open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 8-5.

Hawkwatch.  The location is in the Goshute Mountains in Nevada.  For information or to arrange dates between September 1 and October 15, call 800/726-hawk.

Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival will be held November 14-18, 2001 in Harlingen, TX.  For information, call 800/531-7346 or

More birding and nature festivals. 

ABA Regional Conference in Miami, FL, January 18-22, 2002.  Bird the Everglades and Loxahatchee NWR.  More information to follow.

Annual ABA Convention in Duluth, MN, June 10-16, 2002.  Information to follow

Audubon Adventures:  Give the gift of discovery and share your love of the environment.  The program is designated for students in grades 4-6.  Introduce an entire classroom (up to 32 students) to the wonders of nature for just $35 (plus shipping charges).  You can select your favorite school or let Audubon do it for you.  For orders:  call 800/813-5037.

Maricopa Audubon T-Shirts are available for sale at member meetings or by mail. They feature a Barn Owl primary flight feather overshadowing the common and Latin names of birds found in Maricopa County. Long-sleeved shirts are available in Charcoal, Med, Large or XL, for $20.00. Add $4.00 shipping and handling for the first shirt, $1.50 for each additional shirt. Please allow 3 weeks for delivery. Make checks out to: Maricopa Audubon Society, 1128 E Geneva Dr., Tempe, AZ 85282. For info, contact Laurie Nessel at (480) 968-5614 or

Do you have an interesting story to tell about birding?  Please forward your submissions to the Editor—Deva Burns.  Check the back page for address/e-mail.  Actually, attaching an article to an e-mail is the absolute easiest way to submit an article.  If you have pictures or slides, you do need to send those to me directly.  Remember, all articles may not be published the first month after receipt.

Corrections & Omissions for the last issue.  1.  Mike Baker is the new Field Trip chairperson and Walter Thurber was given credit for Mike's first report.  2.  The illustration was left out of Bud Johnson’s article on the Gunnison Sage Grouse.  3.  The wrong web site was used for the new Representative from District 1.  It should have read—Jeff Flake at 512 Cannon House Office Building, the last 4 digits for the fax number are 4386, and e-mail is  4.  Thanks to the following people for their help at the annual dinner:  Jeanine Baker, Terry Brodner, Cynthia Donald, Karen Kaiser, Laurie Nessel, Andrea Nesbitt, Robin Silver, Phil & Lori Snow, Theonia Vyvial, Bob Witzeman, and the International Crane Foundation.

Please Note:  We have a new web site address 

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Finally, our Baffin Island adventure was beyond expectations.  The Arctic is magnificent and gorgeous, and the immersion into the Inuit culture certainly expanded our world view.  Travelling in a komatiq (Inuit sled) pulled by a snowmobile over the pack ice (cracks and all) was both exhilarating and scary.  We saw fresh polar bear tracks but no bears.  We saw 3 kinds of whales--bowhead (very rare), narwhal, and beluga.  Oh yes, the birds--only two lifers, but what lifers!--Common Ringed Plover and Ivory Gull.

*Thanks to Peggy Wenrick of Tucson Audubon for specific


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