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Glossy Ibis photographed by Roy Jones with Olympus C-3000 digital camera through Kowa 82mm scope.  First State Record.

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Meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month, September-April, at the Phoenix Zoo Auditorium.  Meetings start at 7:30, and feature a speaker, book sales, refreshments, and a chance to socialize with fellow MAS members.  Non-members welcome!


Join us for a pre-meeting dinner at Pete’s 19th Tee, 1405 N Mill Avenue, Tempe (at the Rolling Hills Golf Course) starting at 6:00 p.m.  NOTE:  For our first meeting of the year on September 4th, there will be no pre-meeting dinner at Pete's.  It is our annual potluck.  Each attendee is

invited to bring a platter of his or her favorite h'ors de oeuvres, sufficiently large enough to serve at least six people.  We'll provide the eating utensils, the plates, and the drinks (non-alcoholic, of course).  Bring a friend.  Festivities will start at 6:30 p.m., when we'll be able to tell one another where we had an opportunity to go birding this past summer, and what lifers we got.  The regular meeting will get underway at 7:30 p.m.


Program topics:
September 4:  Scott Anderson of the Gilbert

Riparian Institute speaking about the Gilbert Riparian Institute and The Preserves at Neely Ranch and Water Ranch.


October 2:  Kenn Kaufman     topic: TBA


November 6. Bob Stewart on the butterflies of Arizona.


December 4:  Roseann Hanson from the Sky Island Alliance.


Speakers wanted:  If you have ideas for speakers, or if you would like to make a presentation yourself, please contact Laurie Nessel, Program Chair, at (480) 968-5614 or laurienessel@hotmail.com.






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Arizona Audubon
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Herb Fibel


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Jeanine Baker


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Michell Fulton


by Deva Burns

How active a birder are you?  Do you bird every weekend?  Or do you simply enjoy reading about birding in publications?  No matter which end of the spectrum you are on, you are important to an environmental organization.  Herb Fibel's article on the upcoming changes in the relationship between National Audubon and the local chapters should be a wake up call for everyone.  I know my view may be a bit slanted, but I would hate to see the Wren*dition fold.  It is a very good vehicle for disseminating information about birding and related issues to interested Maricopa Audubon members.  Do you have an idea for fundraisers?  If so, please pass your ideas on to your Board.  I would also plead for those 13 people who stood us up at the May meeting to send

in their checks for $20.  Don't be embarrassed, we all know things happen.  Feel free to contact me if you don't feel like calling Herb. As your editor I receive various other chapter newsletters.  Tucson's Vermilion Flycatcher has a permanent column listing addresses and phone numbers for local, state, and federal government contacts.  I really appreciate having this information all together in one place and have copied their idea.  If you find any mistakes in our Maricopa County information, please let me know.


I always enjoy reading about bird trips our members have taken.  I especially enjoyed Bud Johnson's detailed directions for both the Gunnison Sage Grouse and the California Quail, and I enjoyed his company on the latter trip.  As I am putting this issue to bed I am getting packed for my next adventure.  In the next issue, I'll fill you in on my trip to Baffin Island.  I am so excited about the possibilitiespolar bear, narwhal, and Ivory Gull.



Southwest Wings Birding Festival, August 8-11, 2001. This popular event is held each year in Sierra Vista.  Various daylong and half-day field trips will be conducted to such places as the Chiricahua Mountains, Huachuca Mountains, Patagonia Area, Ramsey Canyon and Sulphur Springs Valley.  Over 100 species of birds are normally recorded during the festival.  Call Southwest Wings, Inc. at 800-946-4777 or write PO Box 3432, Sierra Vista, AZ 85636-3432 for information and reservations.


The ABA Regional Conference will be held in Santa Maria, CA on September 10-14, 2001.  Midway between Morro Bay and Santa Barbara, near the central California coast, Santa Maria offers easy access to habitats including coastal bays and estuaries, rocky shoreline, chaparral scrub, semi-desert, and several types of woodland.  For information call 800/850-2473, ext., 233.


Hassayampa Preserve will follow a summer schedule tht began May 15 and will continue until September 15.  They will only be open Friday, Saturda and Sunday from 8-5.


Audubon AdventuresGive the gift of discovery and share your love of the environment.  The program is designated for students in grades 4-6.  Introduce an entire classroom (up to 32 students) to the wonders of nature for just $35 (plus shipping charges).  You can select your favorite school or let Audubon do it for you.  For orders:  call 800/813-5037.


Maricopa Audubon T-Shirts are available for sale at member meetings or by mail. They feature a Barn Owl primary flight feather overshadowing the common and Latin names of birds found in Maricopa County. Short

sleeved shirts are available in Iris, Brick, Charcoal and Willow, large or XL for $15.00. Long-sleeved shirts are available in Charcoal, Med, Large or XL, for $20.00. Add $4.00 shipping and handling for the first shirt, $1.50 for each additional shirt. Please allow 3 weeks for delivery. Make checks out to: Maricopa Audubon Society, 1128 E Geneva Dr., Tempe, AZ 85282. For info, contact Laurie Nessel at (480) 968-5614 or laurienessel@hotmail.com. Look for a future posting of the shirts on our website: 



A Birding Guide to Reno and Beyond is published by the Lahontan Audubon Society of Reno, NV.  It covers 20 significant birding destinations and 25 side trips within an 80-mile radius of Reno.  All the proceeds from the sale of the guide benefit the conservation and education projects of Lahontan Audubon Society.  The price is $10.00 and is available through ABA Sales or you can purchase it directly from Lahontan (total with postage is $11.50).  Contact Lucie Clark at luclark@sierra.net or 775/831-2909.


Woodpecker Damage: A Simple Solution to a Common Problem is a new 8 page booklet available from Texas Parks and Wildlife which promises an inexpensive and successful way of dealing with woodpecker damage to man-made structures, and ways that man and woodpecker can coexist.  If you would like a free copy of this booklet, send a 6x9 clasp envelope, addressed to yourself and including $.55 postage to Clifford E Shackelford, Nongame Ornithologist, Texas Parks and Wildlife, 3000 IH 35 South, Suite 100, Austin, TX 78704.  Fold the larger envelope inside a legal envelope and put "woodpecker damage" on the outside.


Contacting elected officials.  Look in this issue for contact names and addresses.


Our web site www.maricopaaudubon.org  has a web master, Michell Fulton.  She is keeping it up to date for us.  If you have access to the web, please check out our site.  We also owe a debt of gratitude to Cliff Drowley for originally getting us up and running on the web.


Do you have an interesting story to tell about birding?  Please forward your submissions to the Editor—Deva Burns.  Check the back page for address/e-mail.  Actually, attaching an article to an e-mail is the absolute easiest way to submit an article.  If you have pictures or slides, you do need to send those to me directly.  Remember, all articles may not be published the first month after receipt.




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