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Pinal County Dragonflies and Damselflies

Pierre Deviche, ASU’s School of Life Sciences professor and Odonate expert, will be your guide on this dragonfly field trip to nearby Pinal County. Eighty-eight species have been recorded to-date in this county and we should be able to find quite a number of them. This will be a one-day trip visiting (tentatively) Oak Flat, the Gila River at Kelvin Bridge, Kearny Lake, and/or the Dudleyville fishing ponds. All these locations are easily accessible. Be sure to bring hat, sunscreen, long sleeves and pants, hiking shoes, bug dope, and food & drinks for the day. Close-focus binoculars are helpful to observe the small species and so if have a pair, be sure to bring it. Leave Gilbert at 8:30 and return mid-afternoon.

Difficulty: 2
Limit: ~10 (to allow for good viewing and photography)
Leader: Pierre Deviche

Questions should be directed to Larry Langstaff,