The Big Sit!

Date & Time of Big Sit

October 12th 7:00-9:00 am and October 13th 7:00-9:00 am

Location Granite Reef recreation area


Granite Reef


The Big Sit! is an annual, non-competitive fundraiser held around the world to promote birds and the birding community. We will gather for MAS’ 23rd Big Sit! to count bird species seen from a 17’ diameter circle at Granite Reef Recreation Area. Funds raised this year will go to Cornell Lab of Ornithology, to support their poignant new film, Birds of Prey. Maricopa Audubon Society will host a screening of this film at the Papago Church of the Brethren. Please check our Program page for more information.

The main objective of this event is to sit out in nature with friends, and enjoy not only the wildlife but the camaraderie. This year we are holding two Big Sits! to accommodate more people. We hope to see a great variety of species — late Neotropical migrants lingering before heading south and early northern waterfowl and shorebirds arriving, as well as our resident desert collection—Northern Cardinal, Abert’s Towhee, Song Sparrow, Gila Woodpecker, and possible Common Yellowthroat and Bewick’s Wren, among dozens of other possibilities. Last year, some of us spotted one of the reintroduced river otters swimming in the Salt River. Bald Eagles have nested near the site of the Big Sit! and other likely raptors include Osprey and Cooper’s Hawk—a preview to the film Birds of Prey.

The Big Sit! is officially scheduled from 7-9am, but folks can arrive earlier and stay later. At 9am, we’ll have snacks, compare notes and make a list. Bring your coffee, breakfast and a snack to share.

To Donate onsite: We’ll collect cash, checks and credit card payments onsite ($10- 15 suggested donation for Cornell Lab of Ornithology). Please make checks payable to “Maricopa Audubon Society” with “Big Sit” on the memo line.

Other Donations: Anyone may donate by cash, checks (to “MAS”) and credit cards at member meetings or online ( ) or mail checks to, Vicki Hire, MAS Treasurer, PO Box 603 Chandler, AZ 85244.

If you’re new to the Big Sit! concept, and just want to drop by for 15-20 minutes to see what it’s like, feel free to do so on Sunday, Oct 13, 2019, without making a donation. If you register with Kathe below, we’ll make sure we have enough snacks for everyone. This is a great opportunity for families with kids and others to get a taste of birding! To participate, contact If we get a large response, we will set up two circles in the area.